Melbourne DLF Meetup – Shotgun Event – 25th Oct

We’ve got a special presentation this month. The crew from Autodesk are coming out to give us the run-through for Shotgun, their online project management system.

I’ve been lucky enough the last few weeks to give Shotgun a try while working with the Snowgum Film team on their Troll Bridge film. And I can honestly say I’m a fan. It’s made feedback and file sharing a breeze. I’ll very much be looking forward to getting more in-depth with it.

Our presenter for the night will be Astrid Scholte, who, aside from being a Shotgun wizard, was also a 3D modeller and rigger on the children’s television series Erky Perky. She later moved into production management roles, working at Flying Bark Productions, Weta Digital and Dr. D Studios. She’s currently the Shotgun APAC Program Manager and has been part of Shotgun’s Street Team for over 4 years – so you can rest assured she knows her stuff 😉

We’ll also be heading back to The Water Rat Hotel for the month (yay!) because their upstairs room is quite suited to this sort of event.

Also take note this event will be on TUESDAY the 25th of October, rather than later in the week. Usual 6:30pm start. And at 256 Moray St, South Melbourne. The Water Rat Hotel.

Looking forward to seeing you all there!


Storm FX will be sponsoring the October Shotgun event. They’re an Autodesk, Adobe, Foundry…ah heck they’re re-sellers for pretty much everything. They even do hardware. If you’re after new equipment you’ll want to consider hitting them up.


Jamie Dunbar.