Frequently Asked Questions

Posting to dlf-news@dlf.org.au

1: You must post from the email address you are subscribed as. Otherwise your posting will be discarded.

2: There is a message size limit of 60K. Use URLs or embedded links to images/movies on a server rather than attachments.

3: Do not post to dlf-news and also to other email addresses (cc and bcc). Postings with multiple to: addresses look like spam and are discarded.

Because the DLF is a “no-money/we do this for free” type setup the server is set to simply discard postings that fail for any reason.
We do not have time to write a polite letter for every rejected posting.

Setting up Digest Mode to receive emails in a single daily email

Go to http://male.dlf.org.au/mailman/options/dlf-news and http://male.dlf.org.au/mailman/options/dlfmailout

Enter  your email address and password

Login (If you need your password there is a button to send it to you labeled Remind)

There is a Digest Mode option in the options section on the membership configuration page