DLF Server

The new server has being running for a while now and seems to be working fine.

It currently sits under my second monitor at home surrounded by an old iPod, backup disks and assorted junk.

DLF server

i3 4GB running Fedora 18 on an Optus ADSL2 link.

Then and now..

Wonder were your paypal commissions and fees were going to? I had the live feed from NASA TV on last night watching the docking of the SpaceX Dragon spacecraft with the ISS (that’s International Space Station for those who…).

SpaceX is a plaything of Elon Musk from PayPal who invested $100 million+ of his own money to realise his dream of commercial space travel. Well we can’t really call it a plaything anymore because it works!  Up yours Sir Richard Branson!

What I did love seeing were the more down to Earth control rooms.. compare these:

Apollo 1969 (very Flash Gordon)
NASA 2012 (still stuck in their 90’s Shuttle period)
SpaceX 2012 (think Gattaca)

Oh and by the way.. Elon also makes really cool electric cars. He owns Tesla Motors. He obviously likes to put his money back into projects that might (or might not but mean to) better life on earth.

Most (ok read all) Australian billionaires could take a big lesson from him and the others like him. It’s really uncool to earn billions and keep it all to yourself, including your immediate family, just so you can justify never having to go to Jenny Craig. What are you going to do with all that money? Buy bigger frocks I suppose. A certain Australian billionaire definitely doesn’t spend it on her stylists or wardrobe.




Hi-Tech Start Ups..

I am getting so sick of reading articles about all the Aussie hi-tech startups that have relocated to Silicon Valley and the wailing about the ‘brain drain’ of ‘talent’ out of Australia.

Yes it’s true but the Government cannot stop it happening. After all who would want to run a hi tech company from the back water that is this country. The time difference alone would drive you nuts. Thing is you’d think that we were all Mark Zuckawhathisname’s by the way they go on about it.

Looking a bit closer you read… “But he has already made millions selling his first tech start-up, a coupon site called T%$&*.com.”
Another coupon company… he must be a genius… pleeeze!

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